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Here at Dr. Ian Gray's conservative dentistry we are always tying new ways to improve our practice to benefit our patients. We have recently incorporated a new polishing/ desensitizing product called Sylc.

Sylc is a prophy therapy powder with many benefits:
  • Cleans and polishes those sticky, hard to remove stains
  • Desensitizes immediately by using Novamin technology and can last up to 3 months after application
  • Sylc also achieves remarkable enamel and dentin regenerative benefits through the use of calcium sodium phosphosilicate

  • Stain removal:
    With Sylcs distinct molecular composition, combined with its high speed application, it gives greater access to remove hard-to-reach extrinsic stains quickly and thoroughly.

    Sensitivity/ dentin regeneration:
    When combined with saliva or water, Sylc forms hydroxycarbonate apatite crystals (HCA) that become entrapped in the collagen of dentin and biologically bond into the tooth surface. This combination promotes regeneration of dentin and damaged tooth surfaces. This layer that forms also decreases tooth sensitivity by blocking the exposed pours that transmits the pain signal that we know as sensitivity.

    The active ingredient in Sylc is Novamin and is also found in Sensodyne's new toothpaste " Repair and Protect", and is great to use between applications to prevent sensitivity from returning.

    Here is one of our patients that have already benefitted from using Sylc to remove their tenacious stains:

    sylc  sylc

    Application is easy and can be incorporated into your next scheduled cleaning. So if you are having sensitivity issues or have unwanted stains, ask your hygienist about SYLC!

    Please contact the Newmarket dental office of Dr. Ian Gray DDS to learn more about this latex free procedure.

    We would be happy to help! (905) 853-9355
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