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Our dental hygienists are committed to providing the highest level of individual care each time you come in. They will work with you to establish a routine that will keep your smile healthy. The health of your teeth and gums are directly related to your whole health. We strive to stay current on the newest developments and advances in order to give you the best care and information.

Newmarket Dental HygienistsHow often should I see my dental hygienist?
That depends on many factors including:
  • The current condition of your teeth and gums
  • Your oral habits
  • Possible medical conditions
Your hygienist will set up a plan that works for your individual needs.

Why Three Month Cleanings?
  • 90 days is the rate at which bacterial matures. When you have a cleaning we are removing harmful bacteria from your teeth especially in the space between your tooth and gum where your tooth brush can not reach. Removing the bacteria every 90 days is the best way to protect you from the harmful damage that it can cause such as decay (cavities) and bone loss.
  • This bacteria can also affect your whole health and it is carried through the blood stream.
What is Active Therapy?

Active Therapy is recommended when there is infection present in the gums. It consists of a series of cleanings over a short period of time, (usually bi weekly) where your hygienist will help you rehabilitate your gum tissue and bring you back to optimum health. At these visits, your gums are irrigated thoroughly with water, or Herbal Tonic to help keep the bacteria levels low so the tissue can have a chance to heal. Once the tissues have healed, we maintain at that level of health from then on.

Click here for more on Active Therapy.

What is Arestine?

Arestin is an antibiotic that is placed in the space between your tooth and gum or "pocket". It is used to help heal the site (area) when more serious infection is present. Arestin allows us to treat just the area involved, instead of using an oral antibiotic, so very little (10%) enters your blood stream.

Click here for more on Arestin.

What mouth rinse is right for me?
  • Your hygienist will recommend a rinse that is best suited for you; every oral hygiene routine should include a rinse.
  • Herbal Tonic by the Dental Herb Co. is a great option for most patients. It is all natural and contains no alcohol (which dry the tissues) or chemicals. Our patients love it and call it "gum juice". It contains natural healing ingredients such as peppermint oil, thyme, cinnamon bark, and lavender. It freshens your breath and helps keep your gums healthy.
  • Carifree is an anti-cavity maintenance rinse that we recommend to patients that are prone to cavities or have symptoms such as dry mouth. It contains fluoride and xylitol that help protect your teeth and gums. It is one of the only rinses that has a +PH. having too low of a PH in your saliva can cause you to be more prone to cavities.
Why do I get cavities?
Ever wonder why some people get cavities, while others do not? Many factors determine weather you will get cavities these including:
  • Personal oral hygiene habits
  • Genetics
  • If you have existing/old fillings
  • Medication you may be taking
  • Health Issues you may have
  • The PH of your saliva
  • Diet
  • Wear
We will help you assess these factors and address the underlining cause making recommendations when possible.

How do you tell if a cavity is starting?
  • We use a variety of diagnostic tools to assess your teeth when you are in for your check up, including x-rays and a diagnodent laser depending on what we see in your mouth and any concerns you may have.
  • A Diagnodent laser is a special tool that helps us detect and assess decay earlier so we can teat it when the cavity is still small.
How do I know if the PH in my saliva is too low?
  • If your hygienist sees symptoms indicating a low pH such as increased susceptibility to cavities, they will test your PH.
  • PH testing is easily done with a litmus test that measures the PH of your saliva.
Any questions?

Our Newmarket Dentist and Team would be happy to help you, please call (905) 853-9355

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