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Fun Spring Activities

Try these fun spring time activities with your kids:
  1. Go on a nature walk and play I-Spy.
  2. Read Mud Puddles by Robert Munsch and make mud pies.
  3. Make up a list of 10 things they can find in the yard and send them out on a Scavenger hunt or take them to the park and hunt together.
  4. Do a good spring deed; help a local senior with yard work.
  5. Do a good deed for the community, grab some gloves and a bag and head to the park, do a little clean up with your child before they hit the play ground.
  6. Go bird watching, take your camera/phone and see how many you can capture, once you get home see how many you can identify.
  7. Wash the car together, younger kids love to help.
  8. Plant a bean plant and watch it grow, here's how:
  9. You'll Need: - Bean seeds any kind will do
    - A glass or plastic jar (like a jamming jar)
    - Paper towels
    - Cling wrap
    - Water
    - A needle to puncture the cling wrap
    First, wet the paper towel and put it in the bottom of the jar, then drop the beans into the jar and wet a second paper towel and put it on top the beans in the jar. Now stretch some cling wrap over the mouth of the jar and put a rubber band around the top. Then, poke some holes in the top with a needle, now just wait a couple of days and you'll soon see a sprout.

    Once the sprouts touch the cling wrap you can take it off, when your plant grows about 6 inches you can take it out of the jar and plant it into the ground or a pot with dirt.
  10. Play with sidewalk chalk; try tic-tac-toe, hopscotch or trace the outline of each other and have fun coloring yourself in.

Kim Thompson
Practice Manager