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What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® dentist in Newmarket Invisalign® is a system that uses custom fitted removable trays called aligners. These aligners are changed about every two weeks, progressively straightening, aligning and improving your smile. The Invisalign® Aligners are clear and virtually unnoticeable to those around you. Although they will notice that you smile more often!

How Long Will Invisalign® Take to Straighten my Teeth?

"Buttons" are sometimes required in conjunction with Invisalign. These are tiny clear attachments that are temporarily bonded to your teeth. These small attachments help the aligner trays with the movement of your teeth.

In some cases, as in traditional braces, our conservative dentistry will need to reduce the contacts between your teeth in order to create space. The amount of reduction is very minimal and is usually not visible. It does not damage the teeth and does not make them more prone to decay.

The duration of treatment and number of aligners will depend on your individual case. Misaligned teeth and bite (known as malocclusions) can appear in many forms each requiring slightly different approaches and lengths of time to correct.

For example: Do you have an over bite? An under bite? A cross bite? Crooked teeth? Crowded teeth? Spaced teeth? Your individual situation will determine how long the Invisalign® treatment will take.

As a rule of thumb, the duration of the Invisalign® procedure is about the same as traditional braces... but the results are indisputable.

Invisalign® dentist in Newmarket
What Are The Advantages?
  • Removable trays allow for easier cleaning and oral hygiene practices
  • Normal brushing and flossing regimens can be maintained
  • Irritation from metal braces is avoided
  • Properly aligned teeth aid in speech, chewing, gum and bone health
  • Avoid costly dentistry procedures in the future
  • Decrease in jaw, ear and headache pain attributed to poor tooth alignment
  • Easier to clean gum line (due to decreased crowding), reducing the risk of periodontal disease
  • Reduced risk of bacteria building up in damaged gum tissue (that has been connected to heart disease and stroke)
How Are the Aligner Trays Made?

With our iTero digital scanner we can create an image of your mouth and bite digitally. The results are stored on your digital file and sent electronically to the lab. The digital scanning process is less intrusive, more comfortable and more accurate than the traditional method (using an impression material and trays). Dr. Gray will then design the appropriate aligner sequence for your dental conditions. Prior to delivering the aligners, you are able to view the final result via computerized image (called the "Clincheck")

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